Crane Mountain makes several different types of tekko. Technically, a tekko is made with metal. But many systems refer to the tekko as a class of fist loaded weapons designed to work in close quarter combat. At this time we make only wooden Tekkos. 
Crane Mountain makes the standard “string tekko” or Chizonkon. We can use any wood, put brass tips on the ends or not. We use high grade parachute cord for the string. Crane Mountain, also, makes the wooden tekko style with the finger hole. These can also be any wood. This style of tekko must be sized to the individual.
SIZING: To size this style– take a thin strip of paper. Wrap it twice around your middle finger (not tight). Then take a felt tip pen and hold the point on the paper for 3 seconds (so the ink penetrates all the way through the paper). Unwind the paper. Measure the distance from the center of one dot to the center of the 2nd dot. This is the number you give us when ordering. Please let us know if you have knuckle problems or enlargements when ordering so the proper adjustments can be made.

Pasted Graphic
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