Crane Mountain has dealt with large variety of martial art systems that incorporate some type of a short staff.   A lot of these systems were not Okinawa in origin.  Most systems had their own unique requirements.  Call us for your special needs.  Our only limitation is that we can’t make a lot of them for a very low price.   Our specialty is making quality staffs.
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Hanbo:  This is a 36” staff.
Tanbo (Nitanbo): These are typically 12 to 24” in length. Some systems use them in pairs and others only use one. Diameters range from 1” to 7/8”
Escrima: The is a Philippine weapon which is typically 26, 28, or 30” lengths.  They usually have a diameter from 1 1/4 to 1 1/8. We can make them any length or diameter you need.
Jo: A practice staff which ranges in length from 48” to 54”. Diameters range from 1 1/16 to 1 1/8.
Children’s staffs: We can customize the length and diameter of the bo to your child’s size. However,  there is a limitation to the thinness of the bo to the relationship of its length.
We can make short sticks in any length or thickness, I.e. 12 inch or 4 inch lengths.  We can also vary the taper.