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Crane Mountain makes the finest octagonal

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nunchaku and not limited to only 2 sizes. Our standard sizes extend from 12 to 15 inches in half inch increments. Nunchaku can be ordered with brass inserts for smoother action and less wear and tear on the string.  Our standard nunchaku is made with parachute cord. Not the cheap nylon rope found in most stores.

If your system has double nunchaku katas, Crane Mountain Weapons can make 2 pair to match exactly. We can either make 2 pair together or we will match a pair of yours. To make a match for an existing pair you will need to send them to us. Also, there will be a slightly higher charge for matching an existing pair.
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SIZING: Measure from the lifeline in your palm to just past your elbow. Allow some length below the elbow for elbow protection. Be sure to keep your wrist straight. The illustration to the right is an example of how to measure.

CUSTOM: lengths, diameters—smaller for kids and small adults, gorilla nunchaku  with a bottom diameter of 1 1/2”, and baby gorillas with a bottom diameter of 1 1/4” for those who want a bigger meatier nunchaku, also available: 6 sided nunchaku and handles with horizontal grooves for a firmer grip. Contact us for your specific nunchaku needs.