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Here are 2 examples of our most popular  signs we can make for your dojo. They can be made on any wood and with black, red, silver or gold lettering. Our standard sign is 3.5” tall /wide and the necessary length for the message. Following is a list of other signs we have made:

Men’s/Women’s Locker Room
Men’s/Women’s Restroom
Watch your step
It is common courtesy to pick up after oneself
Sensei’s Office
Renshi’s Office
Hanshi Office
Shihan Office

Accounting Office
Visitor’s Gallery
Please Remove your Shoes
No Parking
Open/Closed for Business
No Smoking
No food nor Drink

We can also make a custom sign with the name of your dojo. You must supply the kanji or a clear diagram of the design.  They are not real large so are intended for inside the dojo.

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