Crane Mountain produces its own weapons. All are hand finished.  We take pride in the equipment we produce.  At times, it takes a while to make the equipment, but we want to do it right.

Bo : Crane Mountain makes a large variety of bo. Because we make our own equipment, we can make a bo to exact specifications.  We do ask a lot  of questions:
           Bo thickness
           Taper or non-taper
           If tapered, how much of taper
           For heavy contact
           Practice bo or for tournaments
           Style of kobudo one practices

Eiku Bo : The specialty of Crane Mountain weapons.
Rat tail Bo: 7 to 9’ tapered bo.

Wooden Naginata: Each created when ordered and not mass produced.
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Nunte Bo : The bo can be made of any suitable bo wood. There are 2 options for the manji sai - chrome or black. The standard length of a nuntebo is 81" but we can customize it to the individual.

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Three Sectional Staff:  3 wooden sections with either cord or swivels