The eiku is a specialty of Crane Mountain. This is the weapon we began with

and perhaps is the most refined. Because we make our own weapons, we can customize the eiku for your size or special needs.  Our standard eiku has a 3.25 inch wide blade with a 1.25 diameter handle.  We have a standard small size with a shorter blade and handle, and the handle with a smaller diameter. We can also make a larger size with a longer blade and handle.  The smaller format accommodates the less robust practitioners. Crane Mountains standard adult eiku is 67” tall and the smaller size eiku is 3” shorter. The handle diameter on the adult eiku is 1.25” and on the smaller on 1 1/8”.  The standard adult eiku can also be made with the smaller handle. We can customize eiku for particular systems and needs. 


       Our eiku is made of one solid piece of wood with a small flat spot on the handle as an index of where the top of the blade is) and a scoop on the top for the sand throws. The eiku is finished with numerous layers of tung oil and then the blade is further waxed and buffed to a high gloss. Customization also for no scoope or flat spot is possible, cause we make 'm.

      All our eiku are signed and numbered. We record the information on each eiku for future reference.