Crane Mountain produces their own weapons.  Not refinished dowels
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by some mass production process.  Our bo are created by carving a fraction of  an inch off on each pass. Allowing the wood to reshape.  This decreases the chance of warpage.  It also doesn’t hurt we make them in very dry Southwest. We hand select the woods to best meet our customers needs.

The staff, being perhaps the oldest of weapons is the most studied.  Crane Mountain offers staffs as long as 8’10’’ to only a foot in length.  Our bo are either straight or tapered. Our standard diameter is an 1 1/8” - but  we can make diameters from 1 1/2 to 1” . The taper can be very slight or very tapered. 

Crane Mountain does not stain its woods except by customer special request.

A staff should fit the user. It is generally, recommended that a staff be 1 to 4 inches above the head. This is particularly important for children and short adults. Best recommendation comes from your instructor.  Staff requirements vary with kobudo styles. Before ordering custom equipment, always inquire on the requirements of your particular system.