Crane Mountain doesn’t limit itself to just the Okinawan weapons. The Chinese have  their own cadre of weapons.  We, also make weapons for the Chinese Martial Arts practitioners. 
Crane Mountain makes staffs of any length and diameter for the Chinese arts practitioner. Our rat-tail bos are made of hickory. They start a one end as a diameter of 1 ¼ inches tapering to ¾ inch.  Our bos are created by carving a fraction of an inch off on each pass. Allowing the wood to reshape.  We hand select the woods to best meet our customers needs.
Wooden double daggers: These practice daggers are great for learning without slicing body parts. These daggers are made out of all the woods available for our other weapons. They have the feel and weight of real blades.
The Chinese crutch: Perhaps the origin of the Okinawan tonfa.  This weapon is approximately 5 inches longer than the Okinawan Straight tonfa. This is truly a fighting weapon.

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Chinese crutch with our cat “Isis” helping.