Appalachian Red Oak: H:2 F:3 W:2
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There are hundreds of different Oaks.  This is a light, soft variety.  At this time, we don’t have access to the harder red oaks like the Asian produced weapons. Poor quality for weapons.

White Oak:  H:3 F:3 W:2-3
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Makes a durable inexpensive weapon, will take a beating, good for all weapons.

Ash:  H:2 F:5 W:1
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Popular for eiku, Children's tonfas, and for a light bo. Light weight and durable, baseball bats are made of ash.

Hickory:  H:3 F:5 W: 2-3
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Hard durable wood which will take a beating, inexpensive.

Jatoba: H:4  F:3  W:3
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Commonly used as flooring wood. Found to make excellent staffs. Very hard and takes a real beating. Ages well. When it does break, it produces sharp edges.

Purpleheart: H:4 F:3 W:3
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Purple is its natural color! And it gets richer with age. Makes excellent weapons which can take a real beating as well as being attractive.  Has similar problems like Jabota.