Black Walnut: H:2 F:3 W:2
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American hardwood, makes beautiful light weight weapons.  However, the wood is too soft for any contact.

Bubinga:  H:4 F:2 W:3
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Similar hardness of purpleheart, consistent finish, makes a great eiku and tonfa, does not make a bo, has a burnt chocolate appearance, rich color and ages well.

Cherry: H:2  F:3  W:2
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Commonly known as Black Cherry. Light weight, attractive wood that ages well, does not take contact, however will work for all weapons.

Cocobola: H:5 F:2 W:4
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Heavy, expensive, spectacular appearance, will take contact, black and orangish red color.

Moradillo: H:4 F:3 W:3
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Makes gorgeous weapons, medium weight, dark satiny smooth finish, Company favorite. Best tonfa wood. Sometimes hard to get. Check with us.

Mahogany:  H:2 F:3 W:1
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Light weight, not good for contact because too soft, ages well.

Yellow Heart:  H:3 F:3 W:3
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Beautiful rich yellow with lots of iridescence, medium weight, good for kata in all weapons.